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A tribute to the wonderful Goldfinch made from the deepest admiration for the species and the naturalness of having lived with goldfinches since childhood. The marvelous images follow one another chapter after chapter, always showing arrogant goldfinches, proud, aware of the fervor they arouse, and portrayed, more than just photographed, by an author who seeks complicity with each goldfinch.


The work is conceived with the intention of making the fans enjoy themselves and opening a window to the world of the goldfinch to those who do not yet know it.


A journey through the life of the Goldfinch in its natural state and its different subspecies, its location, details and images, on the one hand. On the other hand, an intense journey through the domestic Goldfinch and all its mutations, with fascinating images and clear explanations of each one of them that will delight both novices and experts. The mutations are always completed with very didactic and very intuitive tables of crossings, which will surely help many fans to see in a very clear way some aspects traditionally confused for many.


The work of locating and selecting the specimens photographed has been remarkable and has involved the collaboration of prestigious breeders and elite exhibitions. Some of them certainly complicated to find and others that are shown for the first time in public in this work because they are newly discovered or not yet fixed mutations.


The third part of the book deals with the breeding and maintenance of goldfinches and many aspects related to competition-oriented breeding, some of which will be surprising for goldfinch fans.


The author, a well-known photographer of birds in competition, has been an International Expert Judge of Colour Canaries of the OMJ-COM since 1984 and an amateur breeder of all the specialities of ornithology since he was a child and due to family tradition. He has published in this same publishers his first work MY OWN VIEW, COLOUR CANARIES and his second work AUSTRALIAN, OCEAN AND ASIATIC ESTRILDID FINCHES, both with great success and highly valued by fans and experts around the world.



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