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Pastel, Ailes Grises, Opale, Phaeoet Satiné
Antonio J. Sanz



It is not surprising that the author begins this book by opening the doors to the magic of colour canary breeding, for this is what has been going on from the middle of the 20th century to the present day. Pure magic for us all.
In this third volume of the collection COLOUR CANARIES IN THE 21st CENTURY, the first mutations in the melanins of the coloured canaries are analysed, from the Pastel mutation, the first known and fixated, to the Satinet, through the fabulous Grey Wings, the Opal and the Phaeo.
Of course, as usual, the book is full of examples of all possible types and combinations, with pictures of extraordinary birds, photographed in the great competitions all over the world, with the usual quality to which the author has accustomed us. His photographs go beyond mere documentation, because they are made with passion, with a complicity with the birds that only someone who has always lived with them can achieve, and that amateurs can immediately perceive. The book thus becomes an extraordinary journey through the breeding of colourful canaries, which will be enjoyed by both beginners and the most experienced breeders and judges for many years to come.
In chapters that are exciting for the reader, he analyses each of the mutations, their origin and evolution, the standard and its interpretation, but also the essential features of their selection and breeding, with contributions that will surprise more than one expert and open the doors of magic to many fanciers. It is a conscientious analysis, based on a deep technical knowledge, but also on the knowledge of the history of this hobby, which the author has had the opportunity to experience from the inside.
The author has been an international expert judge for coloured canaries for the OMJ since 1984, and has judged numerous competitions all over the world, including international and world championships.
He has published with great success his first book on coloured canaries, MY ON VIEW, AUSTRALIAN, OCEANIC AND ASIAN STRILDIDS FINCHES, THE GOLDFINCH AND ITS MUTATIONS, LIPOCHROMES and, most recently, CLASSIC MELANICS (all in two bilingual editions, Spanish-English and French-Italian).


Albert Silva

Juez Color. Multicampeón  (U.S.A.)

"This is a book by Mr. Antonio Sanz, a book that not only illustrates and captures the details in the beautiful images, but is an encyclopedia of information on each color bird. I highly recommend this book not only for novice breeders, but for those who aspire to become judges as well. "

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